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Most people would think that motorcycle keys are simple because of the fact that it’s just a motorcycle. Cutting motorcycle keys can sometimes just as complicated as the “chipped” keys in cars. Even scooters nowadays are getting this advanced technology.

There are three basic types of motorcycle keys: the standard types of keys, transponder and sidewinder (or laser cut) keys. Baltimore Locksmith Services has the equipment and proper training to duplicate any of these types of keys.

Sidewinder keys are cut using lasers. A groove is cut into the edge of the key. Duplicating these types of keys is nearly impossible without the proper machines to do so. Sidewinder keys used to be only for the higher end vehicles like Mercedes and BMW. BMW was one of the first manufactures to incorporate these keys in their motorcycles.

Transponder types of keys are also becoming more popular in motorcycles. It is the same type of system that are used in most cars. Duplicating these types of keys usually has to do with some sort of programming to the computer.

Baltimore Locksmith Services can duplicate all of your motorcycle and scooter keys that you need made. We have all of the modern machines for all makes and models. We use high quality blanks for all of the keys that we duplicate.

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